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Do you have a chronic cough? Are you embarrassed about coughing in public? Are you always on antibiotics for a chest infection? We can help.

What is it?

Airway clearance techniques are scientifically based methods used to clear excess secretions from the airways in the lungs.

The lungs trap foreign particles (like dust and pollen) in mucous which lines the airways to protect the lungs from irritation. However, in some conditions, the lungs produce more mucous than normal which can become thick and sticky and difficult to clear.

When excess sputum is not cleared from the lungs there is a higher risk of chronic infections and deterioration in lung function

Signs and symptoms

Excessive retained secretions can cause:



Airway clearance techniques focus on clearing the lungs of these excessive secretions which can:


There are a large number of techniques available and finding the best combination of these therapies is determined on the individual needs and goals of each person.

A number of conditions can benefit from airway clearance techniques such as: