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My Breathing is normal…..isn’t it?

What is it?

A Dysfunctional breathing pattern is an abnormal or altered breathing pattern that has been adopted for a variety of reasons. Abnormal breathing habits are formed by various things such as poor posture, chronic muscle tension, stress, injuries or even being in deep concentration. This abnormal pattern can cause over breathing, which in turn causes anxiety and shortness of breath. You may feel unable to take a deep breath or simply be breathless at rest. Breathing this way, long term, is inefficient and will not be beneficial for your body or your mind. It is possible you are not even aware that the way you breathe is not the best way to be doing it.

Signs & Symptoms


How Can We Help You?

The first step is awareness, and we will help you identify how you are breathing, at rest and then progress to breathing with activity. We will help you identify the triggers and give you tips to enable you to restore a more normal efficient pattern, including assessment of your posture and educate you on the importance of nasal breathing. You will feel reassured that things can be improved with you being in control.

Once you feel you are better able to identify your abnormal pattern and improve this pattern at rest, then you may want to improve your breathlessness with exercise. Often an abnormal inefficient pattern can lead to feelings of breathlessness that seem excessive for the amount of work you are doing.

At Just Breathe Physiotherapy, we will educate, encourage and support you in staying active or increasing activity levels and get you in control of your symptoms.