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Are you about to have an operation? Are you interested in learning about how to recover quickly and reduce your risk of breathing complications after surgery?

Why is it needed?

Prevention is always preferred over management of an illness.

Most surgeries require an anaesthetic and a period of rest and recovery. They may involve pain from the wound site and a lengthy hospital stay.  It is not uncommon for people prior to surgery to be in a weakened condition, having been unwell for a period of time before offered surgical management. These factors can make you more susceptible to a secondary illness or ‘complication’ after your surgery.

Two of the most concerning complications are a post operative chest infection or pneumonia and lung collapse.

There has been much research over many years in how to prevent these post operative complications. A 2010 review found that pre-operative therapy is effective for reducing complications and lengths of hospital stay (specifically after heart and abdominal surgery).

Who Benefits?

Anyone who is preparing for a major surgery, particularly the heart, lungs or abdominal areas would benefit from pre-operative physiotherapy. If you already have a pre-existing lung condition, making sure your lungs are at their best before surgery can help to ensure a smooth recovery and reduce your risk of lung complications by up to 50%.

 What does it involve?

We start with a thorough assessment of your respiratory system – from your airway function to muscle strength, joint movement and your overall health. From here we can establish areas to target for improvement.

Treatments may include: