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When less is more!

What is it?

Long COVID is when the symptoms of a COVID -19 infection extend well beyond the initial infection period, ie for weeks or months, or even years. Rehabilitation for this condition addresses the multi-factorial issues and symptoms that patients face and guides you through a programme to restore normal functioning again.

Signs and Symptoms

Amongst others… 


How Can We Help?

Physiotherapy can help manage some of these symptoms. We do this through strategies to manage your fatigue and pace your exercise appropriately, using up to date advice and research. We can help strengthen your respiratory muscles and assist with symptoms of pain.  We will assist you in knowing when to pause your activity, when to re-start, what level of exercise or activity is appropriate and encourage you in being patient with this process.

It is also important we liase with health partners to help coordinate mental health support as you deal with the post-traumatic stress that surviving Covid-19 may have caused.